Socket Bowie

This tough all steel knife has a forged hollow handle for storage or use as a spearhead. Its thick spine & strong grind make it a great hard use beater blade.

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Blade: 8.5″
Handle: 4.5″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 7mm
Total Weight: 630g

Is there anything tougher than an all steel knife?

Knives made completely of steel have been made in nepal for hundreds of years. You can see smithed steel handles on historical koras or ornate tulwar style cast handles on the khukuris intended for officers in the late 20th century or even nowadays, with rough, heavy use khukuris often having steel pipes welded on as a handle. The specific method used here though is very rare in Nepal, but is a common traditional blacksmithing method in the phillipines. Popularised in the west by Tai Goo and heavily utilised by James Helm, this type of integral socket handle is incredibly resilient and durable, while also having a few advantages over other techniques. It is hollow and can be forged with thinner steel than others, which reduces weight and cuts down on vibration. It also allows for an ovalised and tapered handle, which allows for a more comfortable, secure grip with greater retention. These knives are sold and are intended to be used bare as shown in the pictures, but they’re fantastic candidates for a leather/paracord wrap for a more textured handle, emergency cordage and a bit of flair. If you whittle a plug with the knife the handle can also act as emergency storage for survival supplies or food items. Finally, if you are looking to make a spear or polearm, you can easily carve a stick and insert it into the handle to transform it into something much more formidable. The handle even has a small hole drilled in it to accept a nail or carved peg for a secure fit.
The 8.5″ long drop point blade is 7mm thick at the ricasso and is given a high flat grind that is designed for the ideal compromise between cutting performance and hard use durability. The low heel on the blade acts as an integral front guard to protect the hand during stabbing or prying, with the entire blade left with the raw forge finish for a rough and ready look that shows off the skill of the Blacksmith that made the knife. The Socket Bowie is lighter in hand than the socket khukuri and has a moderately front heavy balance which makes it an exceptional all rounder. It is perfectly suited to light or fine work when choking up on the blade but when held further back on the 4.5″ handle the blade will chop with the kind of power you’d expect from a 630 gram bowie of this size. Finally it can be ordered with a sharpened or unsharpened swedge for higher penetration performance and the ability to work on the back cut or with an unground, flat spine for more efficient batoning in a more woodcraft focused build.

Simple, Strong and sharp. What more could you ask of a knife?

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