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Blade: 20.5″
Handle: 12″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 6mm
Total Weight: 1600g

The Snapdragon is one of our most unique offerings.

As Andrew was finalising the product lineup for Kailash Blades, he wanted to make sure all the bases were covered. We had Bowies and Knifechetes, EDC knives and lots of amazing traditional blades but we really needed a sword! Not a bush sword or a glorified machete but a real proper, long, mean, cut-you-in-half type of weapon. However, as far as swords go the only real equivalent is the Kora, which while beautiful and powerful, has no thrusting or two handed capability whatsoever and lacks the kind of speed and control typically associated with sword usage. At the same time, as the Nepalese Sirupate gets longer and longer it becomes more and more forward heavy and powerful without allowing two handed use to compensate. This is excellent for sacrificing goats (or buffalo) but once again, loses the liveliness in hand you expect from a sword. So he figured, if there’s no traditional equivalent then why not take the same techniques and concepts used in historical khukuri design and have a crack at trying to produce what nepalese blacksmiths might have made had their traditional weaponry taken a slightly different evolutionary path.

The Snapdragon is a one-and-a-half-hander of moderate length, designed and balanced for one handed or two handed use as the situation requires. The tapered, full tang handle is a full 12″ long, requiring a full five pins to secure the rosewood handle scales. Both ends of the handle are capped with traditional brass bolsters, with the rear terminating in an oversized version of a traditional bell shaped peened pommel just like you’d see on a high end khukuri. Slide up into the index finger notch at the front of the blade, for a more neutrally balanced blade, for high speed and maneauverability in one handed use. Slide back to the pommel (flared for greater retention and comfort) for a forward heavy, powerful chopping blade. Introduce a second hand into the equation for incredibly powerful, controlled blows beyond anything else being produced in Nepal.

The Snapdragons swooping, elegant 20.5″ blade design came about from taking a khukuri and then altering it for higher performance and enhanced capabilities as a sword. The angled point of the original khukuri curves back up with the snapdragon to give an effective and devastating point, while maintaining the convex sweet spot which helps khukuris cleave so effectively. The entire blade is lengthened to smooth out the recurve, give more reach and a higher tip speed. The spine is thinned to reduce weight while the blade itself is made wider and is given a subtle full convex grind along it’s entire length to give more efficient cutting and deeper penetration than is possible with a khukuri blade.

A fusion of east and west, old and new and a chance for Kailash Blades to really cut loose and show just what kind of incredible things we’re capable of making. It’s called the Snapdragon and we’re very, very proud of it.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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Weight2.9 kg