The original zombie apocalypse khukuri. Full tang, integral guard and sharpened back edge make this a tough outdoors blade for hard use, survival & fighting.

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Blade: 13″
Handle: 6″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 8mm
Total Weight: 750g

It was the sound of shuffling steps and deep, throaty moans that stirred him from his slumber and sent him stumbling drowsily to the window. But it was the stench of rotting flesh that told him that something big was happening. He whipped the curtains aside to confirm his suspicions: an undead face bared its few yellowed teeth and dragged its eight remaining skeletal fingers down the glass. In one fluid movement he spun and removed Scourge from his bedside drawer. He slid the blade free of its sheath and grinned wolfishly as it gleamed in his hands. “Finally,” he smiled, turning to face the zombie crashing through his bedroom window.

Scourge (skurj)
n. 1. A source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation, such as that caused by
pestilence or war.
2. A whip or lash, especially a multi-thong type, used to inflict severe corporal
punishment, primarily on the back.

When the undead walk the earth or your country falls into a state of anarchy and chaos, then this knife is all you need to make sure you survive anything the end of the world as we know it can throw at you.

The Scourge uses a traditional khukuri as a time tested platform for an apocalyptic companion, but while it keeps all the properties which makes khukuris famous, the modern alterations are what unlocks the knife’s true potential as a weapon and tool which you can rely on when faced with an unrelenting scourge.

During the design process for this blade, Andrew consulted the zombie experts of Zombie Squadforums, building off their expertise not only of what combat capabilities the knife should have, but most importantly what it should provide as a survival tool, which ultimately led to the knife not only being beautiful and deadly, but having another entire dimension of unique practicality that sets it apart from the crowd and ensures its current status as the finest Apocalyptic Survival Khukuri currently on the market. His most popular design to date, it has been much copied by other manufacturers, with this version being produced by Kailash Blades being not simply the only authentic, licensed model on the market but also by far the best performing and most finely crafted. With 10 years of handle ergonomic improvements, our superior differentially oil hardening based heat treat and updated, improved grind geometry, this blade stands head and shoulders above the competition and is the only knife worthy of carrying the name Scourge.

The sweeping, unique blade is a full 13″ long, giving enough reach to keep distance between you and any wandering corpses, while still keeping the knife’s balance relatively lively for combat. The blade has an 8mm thick spine at the bolster for heft and durability in heavy use, coupled with strong and gorgeous hollow forging to keep the blade light enough to swing all day and to give increased tip speed. The entire back edge from the point to the “knee” of the spine is ground to a sharpened edge (or unsharpened/unground if you so choose) which allows this khukuri to perform stabs, lunges and upwards thrusts like no other kukri and with the integral guard ensuring that your hands stay safe while performing all manner of tasks. The serrations on the back of the spine can be used for cutting square notches, which are invaluable for making traps as well as acting as an ideal surface for striking firesteels against in survival situations. Finally, the traditional Cho or blood drip’s shape has been altered so that now it can also be used as a bottle opener when you need to relax after a hard day of hacking down trees or hacking up the infected. (WARNING: clean zombie blood off prior to cracking open a cold one.)

This particular knife was the first traditionally made khukuri on the market to make use of a handle carved ergonomically to match the contours of the human hand and has been contniually improved to remain the finest example of its type. This provides greater grip retention with less effort, meaning that you fatigue less when performing tasks around your camp or hacking through hordes of the living dead. The over sized handle has been specially designed with multiple hand grips in mind. Grip the handle close to the guard to angle the blade better for penetration during thrusts and for a more controlled balance. Hold it closer to the pommel for greater force and reach, ideal for splitting wood or cleaving a zombie’s face in two. The Scourge’s pommel is formed into a massive skull crusher, with a devastating point that can focus all the weight of the khukuri onto a zombie’s head, ensuring that you’re never left without an offensive option when put into a compromising position. This skull-crusher also features a lanyard hole and a large, flat surface, which allows the knife to be used as a hammer for bashing in tent pegs or for emergency repairs on barricades.

The 13″ Scourge Khukuri- for those who are prepared enough to be the Last Man Standing.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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