Scourge Anniversary

The updated zombie apocalypse khukuri. Full tang, integral guard and lean grind make this  a performance outdoors blade for hard use, survival & fighting.

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Blade: 13″
Handle: 6″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 7mm
Total Weight: 850g

Whenever Andrew goes bush, there are three things he always brings.
His Regent Long Knife Prototype, his Scourge Prototype and Beer.

Together this merry trio have been on quite a few adventures and have got some pretty serious scars as a result (andrew included). His Long knife has 2 chips in the edge. One is from when he built a thatched hut in the bush while living off the land. He’d just caught a 1.8m goanna and was batoning through its femur with a rock when one blow missed completely and twisted the knife, taking a little chunk out. The other chip is from when one of his friends went to hack the long knife into the side of a log that the scourge was already embedded in. He took an enormous swing and connected straight into the edge of the scourge.
The sound was deafening, Andrew was angry and the Long knife gained another, larger chip.

The Scourge however did not chip. In fact his prototype never has. Not from that, not from cutting up multiple bicycles, batoning through kitchenware, stabbing dishwashers, splitting bricks, riverstones, oysters, not from anything. Now thats a good thing but it’s also a bad thing. The knife is dependable and ridiculously durable, but at what cost? In all these situations where the Scourge has excelled as a chisel, axe, hammer shovel etc, how much did it suffer as a knife because of it’s overbuilt traditional edge geometry? Since designing the knife Andrew has learned a lot more about edge geometry and with the new oil quench based heat treat at Kailash giving more durability than ever, why not take that knife he loves and make another faster, sleeker, meaner version? Please welcome, the Scourge Anniversary.

Every part of the blade has received an overhaul. The recurve has been altered slightly, with more intense curvature early on, then with the actual sweet spot of the blade being situated over a larger, more gently sweeping belly for ease of use, more intuitive chopping placement and a better cleaving dynamic. The 7mm spine tapers more and earlier for a livelier balance and does away with both the serration and the sharpened back edge to further the focus on durability during prying and other heavy, hard use and cold hard cutting efficiency. The entire blade has been subjected to a severe, full height semi convex grind for maximum penetration and cutting efficiency unlike any khukuri currently being produced in nepal, with a stout secondary grind to maintain serious durability in chopping. To compensate for the lost mass due to the grind, the entire blade is heightened, which along with making the primary grind even steeper for greater cutting efficiency, it also introduces just the right amount of extra weight to give the blade the kind of immediate, powerful feel in hand that made the original so popular. It also holds onto the Bottle Opener Cho, because honestly if it didn’t encourage getting drunk while swinging a kilogram of razor sharp steel around it wouldn’t really be fair to call it a Scourge would it?

The scourge was the first traditionally made khukuri on the market to make use of a handle carved ergonomically to match the contours of the human hand and has been continually improved to remain the finest example of its type. This provides greater grip retention with less effort, meaning that you fatigue less when performing tasks around your camp or hacking through hordes of the living dead. The over sized handle has been specially designed with multiple hand grips in mind. Grip the handle close to the guard to angle the blade better for penetration during thrusts and for a more controlled balance. Hold it closer to the pommel for greater force and reach, ideal for splitting wood or cleaving a zombie’s face in two. The Scourge’s pommel is formed into a massive skull crusher, with a devastating point that can focus all the weight of the khukuri onto a zombie’s head, ensuring that you’re never left without an offensive option when put into a compromising position. This skull-crusher also features a lanyard hole and a large, flat surface, which allows the knife to be used as a hammer for bashing in tent pegs or for emergency repairs on barricades.

The Scourge Anniversary is a groundbreaking design that’s been pushed to even further levels of excellence. High performance, High Carbon, High Energy. Add beer for Hijinks.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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