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Out of all the traditional local styles of khukuri, the Salyani is one of the most unique. Nestled away in the western province of Salyan, this knife resisted change or outside influence for hundreds of years and resembles the knives used in the wars of the 19th and 18th centirues moreso than any others.

The Salyani is distinguished by it’s deeply curved, almost crescent shaped (Hanshee) form which helps to both snare light material while performing brushwork and also pack more power into a shorter length to give more chopping power. It also has one of the most intensely decorated blades produced in nepal, with a long central fuller covered in traditional etchings and engravings named Butta. Occasionally these would be inlaid with gold or silver, with the more ornate khukuris acting as signifiers of class and power.

With the crescent relaxed, it takes the form of a sirupate, with the same general use in mind. Fast, sleek and powerful, the Salyani also features a relatively thin 6mm spine and a particularly steep primary bevel to reduce cutting resistance and weight even more, making this knife further excel at cutting through light flexible material cleanly and with ease. The balance of the salyani is very agile for a khukuri, making it a fantastic light all rounder for outdoors work and perfect for a martial artist.

The final thing about the salyani that makes this blade so unique is the scabbard, the most laborious and refined of all the scabbards made at Kailash blades. The buffalo leather used is soaked in a concoction of brine, lime, crushed roots and herbs for up to 4 weeks, while periodically being scrubbed, kneaded and rubbed with the villager’s feet. Finally it is removed and treated with mustard paste then given a final kneading and scrubbing process which goes on for hours. The end result is a supremely soft and supple leather, which has substantially increased longevity and resistance to rotting. It also has a beautiful mottled texture, which when embossed with beautiful and subtle traditional patterning gives this scabbard a look and feel unlike anything else available.

Lengths and weights are as follows:
12″: 6mm spine at bolster, 550g
16″: 6mm spine at bolster, 700g
Both blade lengths come with a 5.5″ handle.

The salyani is an incredible khukuri. Functional enough to serve you for a lifetime in the outdoors without fail, Beautiful and meaningful enough to just sit in your house as a piece of art and completely unlike any other khukuri out there, it’s a khukuri to admire, desire and respect.

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