Regent Long Knife

This large full tang fixed blade has classic styling, a thick spine & lean grind. It is a great performance all rounder suited for all bushcraft and camp tasks.

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Blade: 10.5″
Handle: 5″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 7mm
Total Weight: 650g

Sometimes when you’re designing knives you can get too caught up in trying to do something new and different and you forget about the classics. Truth of the matter is that there’s a reason something is a classic. The Regent Long Knife is an example of taking an old standard and doing it well. Damn well.

The intention with the Regent series is to strip back all the extra fluff surrounding modern knife design and focus on the basics. No index finger notches, no palm swells, no tactical styling or jimping. Just a focus on shapes, lines and textures, executing them to the best of our abilities to create the most elegant knife possible.
The full tang profile is sleek and smooth, with perfectly shaped buffalo horn scales sandwiching an annealed, tapered tang, capped with a plate brass bolster at the front. The handle is just slightly oversized to allow you to slide back for greater chopping power and to give a bit of extra space for those of you out there with gorilla hands. The beaked pommel is flared just enough to give retention in chopping, but not so much to restrict your freedom of hand position While the low heel of the blade acts as an integral guard when stabbing and chopping.

The 11″ blade on the Regent Long knife is Andrew’s personal favourite. A long, elegant modified drop point gives it a sturdy, but slender point, while the gently curving belly of the blade ensures a highly usable edge for food prep, surface work and a strong cleaving dynamic when chopping with a short flat section at the heel of the blade for high control when carving and whittling. The blade is 8mm thick for power and durability during prying and rough use and tapers gradually along its entire length. The heavy front bolster is a key element to the balance of this blade. When choked up fully it sits inside the hand and gives a very neutral controlled balance for fine work. In contrast when you sit at the rear of the handle it hangs out in front, adding a lot of mass to the blade and giving surprising authority to chops and heavy slashes . The blade is given a steep full flat grind along its entire length for maximum cutting efficiency when slicing and chopping through material while still having a great working toughness.

The Regent Long knife is a fantastic example of what we’re aiming to do at Kailash Blades. Highly involved, refined design executed perfectly by incredibly skilled traditional blacksmiths, resulting in an elegant blade capable of the highest performance. Beautiful, functional and strong, if you’re looking for one knife to take care of any situation, this may well be it.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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