This huge khukuri features intense fullering and a formed metal handle. It is a beast of a knife that will make short work of any object in front of it.




Designer: Mahesh BishaKarma
Blade: 16″
Handle: 5.25″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 9mm
Total Weight: 1091g

Rakchas (RAHK-Chahs): A Nepalese Demon.

While Mahesh is the most recent smith to join our team he has spent time at many different houses and has picked up a lot of unique skills along the way. In this blade he was eager to establish just how many tricks he has up his sleeve- leading to a very interesting blade that’s loaded up with challenges. First of all he’s gone with a large and imposing blade profile by every conceivable dimension. 16″ long with one of the broadest khukuri bellies we’ve seen- all made out of a very chunky 9mm of steel. Aside from giving this blade an arresting heft in hand it also helps intensify the most prominent feature of the blade- the fullering. Many of our traditional blades feature fullering that helps save weight, add rigidity or redistribute mass but they’re a feature that are very close to smiths hearts- a sign of skill behind the grinder. In this instance the thick steel allows for a very deep, dramatic and complex arrangement of fullers that is as much art as it is anything else. A fleur-de-lis cho as seen on some antique indian khukuris gives yet more flair while bringing in a historical touch. For a thick and large knife like this Mahesh thinks that the durability of a western leather/kydex sheath is the best choice, but all options are available.

An extremely unique feature is the handle which is made out of 3 pieces of metal sheet. The main grip portion is hammered, rolled and formed to shape then the seam is soldered to form a tube. This is then capped at both ends to give a rigid, solid 3d structure before being filled with resin and getting peened into place with a decorative star shaped cap. If this wasn’t challenging enough the handle also features finger indexing and contouring- once polished up the work that goes into such a thing is irrefutable. Aside from being beautiful, the resultant handle is very tough and resistant to impact, won’t chip like traditional materials and also reinforces the tang providing a construction that’s nearly as tough as full tang. This is a great match with the tanky spec of the blade and the beefy main bevel. While it won’t slice a tomato as well as a Regent it’s a rough and tough blade that can handle an absolute beating. Chopping, batoning, demolition, digging and prying are where this knife feels completely at home. It’s a heavy blade even taking its length into account but that offers a lot of power when chopping from the shoulder and mucking about hitting thing you probably shouldn’t. It’s a stunning blade to look at and could also make it into your collection as a purely ornamental piece or an example of the skills in craftsmanship that this particular smith has. Just handling the blade is impressive- the heft will have the jaws of non-knife people on the floor.

The Nepali name Rakchas (Demon) is an obvious fit. This is a blade that’s powerful, intimidating and exotic. Compared to the other blades in our traditional lineup it’s borderline unearhtly. It’s a bit of a paradox really- it’s a knife that’s been built to beat on but is almost too pretty to hurt. Either way- if it lives out its days as a backyard beater or never even takes a bite out of a piece of wood it’ll be guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Weight1.4 kg

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