This beautiful inter war military angkhola replica khukuri has a hollow grind that trims weight & cuts deeply. This gives the knife great all round performance.

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Blade Length: 13″
Handle Length: 5.3″ (historical)
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 6mm
Blade weight: 580g
Point of Balance: ~4″ from bolster

This handsome blade originated as a Custom Order for Shawn Hatcher from Hatcher Knives. During his travels through the internet, he came upon some pictures of this khukuri and was captivated by it’s bold profile and distinctive fuller. This knife embedded in his brain and went on to influence his own work with khukuris, and his adaption of this blade was the first knife to feature his expertly ground spinal fullers which have since become a trademark of his work. However, despite an extensive search he was never able to find an original to buy and came to us to resurrect this historical blade from the past in the form of a replica.

Information is quite scarce on this blade. Most likely produced in between the world wars in Kotli Loharan, located in modern day Pakistan by a manufacturer known as either “JD Pensioner & Sons” or “UD Pensioner & Sons”, the difficulty coming as a result of the stamping having been worn away on almost every knife of theirs. Most likely this blade was originally intended for military use, privately commissioned for a gurkha’s specific needs, but we can only speculate.

This knife has a relatively thick spine and isn’t particularly light, however it’s balance is carefully maintained through intense fullering, a hollow ground belly and quite a bit of distal taper. This makes it quite fast and agile in hand but it retains a decisive forward balance due to its decent length and allows for a serious amount of power when you commit with it. The very deep hollow ground belly also reduces cutting resistance behind the edge and helps it bite deep into targets. This helps in deep chopping, brush clearing and martial applications not to mention surface work- an achilles heel of many khukuris.

There are definitely burlier and more powerful khukuris out there, but the pensioner excels as a high performance all rounder and has developed a bit of a cult following as a result. Looking for something a bit lighter and more compact? Check out the Historical Service Issue. Like the capabilities of the Pensioner but are looking for something a bit more rugged, maybe even with a full tang? Have a look at our 13″ Angkhola Ek/dui Chirra. Like the idea of a high performance, deep biting khukuri but are looking for even more chopping power? The Fort William MK1 is what you need.

On this blade we offer a military dap as an option. This features a laceup frog as well as twin adjustable vertical loops. These can be fully undone to remove the blade from the sheath without undoing your belt. This is a more complex, more accurate historical option for this blade but lacks the capacity for horizontal carry that all our other sheaths have. For general use we prefer our standard dap between the two.

Along with the Mutiny, these two historical replicas are intended to further demonstrate our commitment to historical blades, their roots in martial arts and the military and further affirm that while we may have a strong eye on the future of nepalese bladesmithing we still have a firm footing in the traditions and legacies of old.


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