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At Kailash Blades we aim to have our traditional knives be as faithful to historic examples as possible. There’s a few reasons for this, which we outline HERE in our traditional info. As a result of this, our knives often have slimmer spines than our competitors, broader blades and steeper primary grinds. This makes them a bit more expensive but it also gives them less cutting resistance and makes them a lot more agile in hand. There is one knife however that we couldn’t bring ourselves to only produce the traditional version of, the British Service Issue.

Now this knife suffers from all the same issues that a lot of tourist khukuris do for exactly the same reasons, however in the case of the service no. 1 we can get around it for a few reasons.
1: It is historically accurate to the present. This exact style of knife is in use by current ghurkas and armed forces worldwide.
2: In this specific knife, the differences between the original knife and the knife being produced are so intense that it gains an entirely new feel and style of use.
3:It works.

The Modern Service Issue is much shorter and stouter than the more traditional historical versions, coming in at a relatively stubby 10.5″ long with almost a full 10mm thick spine. Furthermore both the primary and secondary grinds are a lot thicker and while this may reduce the ability of the knife to handle brush clearing and a certain style of combat, it also gives it a huge amount of heft, power and durability for a knife of such relatively short length.
With a traditional water quench this knife was seriously tough, but with Kailash’s triple tempered oil quench heat treat process, this blade is more or less indestructible.

Take that kind of blade and marry it with a lightweight, correctly tapered and annealed rat tail tang and what you’ve got is a knife that has the feel in hand of a hammer and a lot of the same chopping characteristics. The grind might be too thick to make it through a small branch in one go cleanly, but chances are that it’ll just power on through and snap the branch off lower down. Then maybe keep on travelling and hit into a rock and crack it clean in two. The blade is built sturdily enough to handle that kind of abuse with ease.

Blade Lengths and Weighs are as follows:
9″: 9mm thick spine at bolster, 425g
10.5″: 9mm spine at bolster, 525g
12″: 8mm spine at bolster, 590g
14″: 7mm spine at bolster,650g
All blade lengths feature a 5.5″ handle.

Right now Ghurkas are actively operating with this very knife as their standard issue to stand up to anything service can throw at them. They open cans, chop through cables, pry open crates and maybe even take down hostiles with them. They are relying on this knife to do its job and safeguard the lives of the the user and all those around themm they are sworn to protect. If that’s the kind of field tested dependability you need from your knife, then this might be just the ticket.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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