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An intersting thing about nepalese blade culture is that it has an unusually small amount of knife types. It has the simple karda, the unusual baak, the massive kora and the sickle shaped Hansiya amongst other western designs in use.

However, over time the khukuri has come to dominate the knife culture enormously through it’s ability to be scaled up and down so effectively. The ceremonial, sacrificial and military ues of the Kora have been essentially completely replaced by enormous 24″ khukuris designed for decapitating buffalo and goats, while the smaller knives on this list have further been pushed out of use by the prevalence of small khukuris. Partly a testament to the adaptability of the khukuri design and partly testament to just how much the Nepalese absolutely love khukuris, these mini khukuris are found in kitchens, craftsmen’s workshops, back pockets and even the purses of nepali people from all walks of life.

Thinner, lighter and with less cutting resistance than regualr khukuris, these knives excel at fiddly work like carving and food prep, while still mainting the legendary durability associated with khukuris and the ability to outchop western blades of the same size.We’ve altered the spine thickness and the degree to which these knives taper to try and maintain an ideal powerful, controlled balance for the kind of chopping and use expected for each specific length. All knives feature a sculpted, tapered rat tail tang for superior feel in hand. The thicknesses and weights are listed as follows.

5″: 5mm spine at bolster, 200g with a 4″ handle
7″: (optimal, standard length) 5.5mm spine at bolster, 260g with a 4″ handle
9″: 6mm spine at bolster, 340g with a 5″ handle
If you have very large hands and need a bigger handle, write in the order notes that you need a 5.5″ handle and we’ll make it larger free of charge.

These knives may be small, but they excel at a lot of work that the regular khukuris struggle with. Great value, versatile and fun, the Mini khukuri is a blade which you’ll continuously be finding new uses for and always be thankful to have at your side.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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