M43 Martial

This lightweight performance modern full tang khukuri has a lean grind & ergonomic handle. Well suited for martial arts fighting & light outdoors/bushcraft use.

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Blade: 12.5″
Handle: 5.25″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 5mm
Total Weight: 550g

Originally a custom piece, we’ve had so many requests for a serious Martial Arts blade that it just made sense to make it a part of our usual Lineup.

The original m43 was a variant of the MkII khukuri, which was issued from 1915 all the way through to 1944 and was the first of the full tang khukuris. This new style of tang construction added a great deal of strength to the blade and was a feature that remained on many khukuris to come. What made the m43 in particular so special was a solid welded front bolster and sunken pins in the handle, however what this reimagining focuses on is the particularly elegant blade shape. Broad, with smooth and gentle curves, it’s less eccentric than a lot of khukuris out there and has an understated beauty to it.

We took this iconic pattern and shrunk it slightly for a lighter and more compact package, reduced the spine thickness for even more speed in hand and swapped the traditional Khol out for a more modern fuller. Where things get particularly interesting is the handle, where we’ve gone with a slightly modernised traditional handle. The protruding rings have been replaced with decorative grooves, a very subtle index finger notch has been added and a small integral guard to keep your hands from sliding forwards onto the blade. The top of the front bolster has a strong radius added to it which allows for the thumb to be curled over it to take the weight of the blade during grip transitions and the handle has been made slightly flatter on the sides to allow for more intuitive edge alignment. This handle is then pinned to an extremely tapered tang which has also been drilled to reduce overall weight and most importantly to preserve the weight forward balance that khukuri practitioners crave.

A true blending of the past and the future, this is an agile and unique khukuri that can absolutely sing in the correct hands.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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