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Blade: 11.5″
Handle: 5″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 8mm
Total Weight: 800g

You know that one friend you have? You’re standing around at a party, he sees a couple of bins stacked up against a fence and climbs up on the roof, and even though you usually wouldn’t next thing you know you’re up there too sinking beers. He dares you to jump into the pool, and you draw a line and say no. Without a moment’s hesitation, he dives in and then yells abuse at you from the pool below. You reluctantly follow suit, but after you surface you find yourself laughing. You’re having a great time and it’s all because of your wild friend. This knife is that friend. It’s an extreme knife that facilitates extreme behaviour.The Knucklebuster is one of the more bombastic knives Kailash blades offers. Huge, heavy, powerful, ridiculously durable. Pretty ridiculous in general really.

The Knucklebuster’s 11″ blade has a pattern unique to this blade. This knife sports a seriously tall blade which not only allows for extra weight and power over its moderate length, but it also allows for a very steep semi convex grind from the edge all the way up to the massive 9mm spine. This allows the knife to keep it’s extreme power and durability while still maintaining excellent cutting efficiency. The primary grind is backed up by an increidbly sturdy convex secondary grind to make sure the blade has enough durability to handle the heaviest, most ridiculous abuse you can come up with. It is based off a traditional khukuri profile then beefed up drastically, which gives an enormous recurved section for grabbing into soft, flexible material and a pronounced belly for deep penetration when engaging in extreme hard chopping. The Knucklebuster is one of the most powerful khukuris produced by Kailash blades. While it can be used for fine work and carving, it absolutely excels as a chopper, with a commanding, hugely powerful balance for a knife of it’s length that will ensure that you decimate anything unlucky enough to be caught underneath. Finally, it takes the traditional cho and replaces it with a bottle opener, because here at Kailash Blades we’re fully aware of how fantastic a combination being drunk and swinging heavy sharp things around is.

The Knucklebuster’s handle has one particular standout feature, namely an enormous hand guard made of 6mm thick bent plate steel. This guard can protect your hand while chopping through brush or zombies, be used offensively to empty a mouth of teeth in a hurry or if you utilise the section that bends back to form the pommel, it can also be used as a hammer to crush material or bang in tent pegs.

As with so many of our heavy use blades, the Knucklebuster features an oversized handle. This allows those of you out there with massive gorilla paws or who routinely work with gloves to still manage a comfortable grip, while the curves of the handle are designed to allow those with smaller hands to grip comfortably at different points along the handle for higher control or greater power when chopping. The full tang handle features a tapered, annealed tang, which is sandwiched by two rosewood or buffalo horn scales that are curved ergonomically for ease of retention and maximum comfort during extended hard use. The front of the handle features an index finger notch so you can lock in to the ideal grip there easily, while the pommel flares out which, in conjunction with the guard, helps to anchor the knife in hand during even the most serious hacking and chopping.

The knucklebuster is a wild one. But while it might not win any beauty contests or slice a tomato into paper thin slices, you know that when it’s in your hand you’re fully equipped to engage in all the poor decision making you can possibly imagine.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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