A huge apocalypse knife. Full tang, integral guard, sharpened back edge & lean grind make this a performance outdoors blade for hard use, survival & fighting.

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Blade: 13″
Handle: 6.5″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 7mm
Total Weight: 900g

As the last rays of the sunset hit the back of her neck, she turned to face the encroaching night-time. It had been three weeks since the electricity grid had shut off and she had long fallen into the habit of collecting a healthy supply of firewood upon dusk, however tonight she had fallen slightly behind on time after slipping over collecting water from a nearby stream. She took a long, hesitant look at her safe and secure log cabin, before looping her faithful fixed blade through her belt, turning on the spot and setting off into the dense cloud of branches and undergrowth surrounding her camp. She’d never set off into the woods this late before. Maybe it was the darkness, but it seemed like they truly went on forever.

She’s been collecting wood for almost an hour and the inevitable cold had well and truly rolled in. Her arms had begun to ache and the biting chill of the alpine air had managed to work its way through her gloves to the thin, bony fingers underneath.
She froze and strained against the silence. The crack of a small twig. Perhaps a bird had underestimated it’s weight upon landing.
This was not a bird. She remained frozen, but her mind was racing and on the verge of panic. Her hand instinctively slid down to the handle of the Knout hanging at her waistline. As it filled her gloved palm, a wave of reassurance came over her. She calmed herself.
She gripped it harder.
She was ready.

Knout (nowt)
n. 1. A heavy, scourge-like multiple whip,usually made from bunched rawhide thongs attached to a long handle. Used in imperial russia to inflict punishment, often causing death.

When the undead walk the earth or your country falls into a state of anarchy and chaos, then this knife is all you need to make sure you survive anything the end of the world as we know it can throw at you.

After the release of the scourge, it came to Andrew’s attention that many people struggled to use khukuris, with people citing experiences of difficulty accurately placing their blows against wood, struggling to consistently strike with the sweet spot of the blade, blade deflection as a result of extreme blade curvature and difficulty sharpening recurves. It seemed a shame that so many people were missing out on the powerful, compact cutting dynamic that a khukuri provides, so he took the Scourge and from it he developed its brother, the Knout. The Knout takes the field proven ergonomics and durability of the Scourge and applies them to a more intuitive western blade shape and geometry which is simpler to sharpen and more forgiving of imperfectly placed blows while the large frontal “fin” maintains the powerful frontal balance of a khukuri which is so far beyond what’s achievable with traditional bowie design.

The broad, fully ground blade is a full 13″ long, giving enough reach to keep distance between you and any wandering corpses, while providing cutting geometry far more efficient than a traditional khukuri, supplemented by the 7mm blade width that is enough to provide the heft and durability necessary for hard use. The entire front “fin” is ground to a sharpened edge which allows this unique blade to cut on the backstroke and penetrate much better than it’s broad profile would have you imagine. For a blade seeing mixed duty it can be left as an unsharpened swedge for a compromise between penetration improvements and batoning capability. Alternatively the back edge can be removed completely if woodcraft is a higher priority than combat. All the while, the comfortable integral guard ensures that your hands stay safe while performing all manner of tasks.

This knife used the same handle as the Scourge (designed in collaboration with the members of the ZombieSquad survival forum), which was the first traditionally made khukuri on the market to make use of a handle carved ergonomically to match the contours of the human hand and remains the finest example of its type. This provides greater grip retention with less effort, meaning that you fatigue less when performing tasks around your camp or hacking through hordes of the living dead. The over sized handle has been specially designed with multiple hand grips in mind. Grip the handle close to the guard to angle the blade better for penetration during thrusts and for a more controlled balance. Hold it closer to the pommel for greater force and reach, ideal for splitting wood or cleaving a zombie’s face in two. The Knout’s pommel is formed into a massive skull crusher, with a devastating point that can focus all the weight of the khukuri onto a zombie’s head, ensuring that you’re never left without an offensive option when put into a compromising position. This skull-crusher also features a lanyard hole and a large, flat surface, which allows the knife to be used as a hammer for bashing in tent pegs or for emergency repairs on barricades.

The Knout- A faithful companion that will follow you to the end of the world and back.

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