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Blade Length: 5″
Handle Length: 5″
Spine Thickness at Bolster:7mm
Total weight: 350g

How does a manufacturer whose average knife weighs a kilogram go about making a small fixed blade? Like this.
The Hostpur is the spur’s big brother. It takes the compact, high utility concept of the spur and makes it a bit bigger in every way. Thicker spine, bigger handle, longer blade. The end result is a highly capable, versatile field knife.

Boasting a relatively huge 7mm spine on a 5″ blade, this little knife can stand up to just the same kind of abuse as the bigger boys in the catalogue. Prying, batoning and general tomfoolery are not just expected but actively encouraged. This tanky spine is offset by the taller than average blade which when given a high flat grind allows for high cutting efficiency while maintaining the hard use durability which is the knife’s focus. The gentle drop point provides extra durability at the point to deal with heavy, borderline idiotic use without stopping it from being able to penetrate effortlessly. The low heel on the blade acts as an integral front guard to protect the hand during stabbing or prying, while the distally tapered spine cuts unecessary weight and distributes stresses more evenly through the knife. The extra length and heft added over the original Spur increases tip speed and chopping power, allowing it to adapt more easily to heavier work that the spur would struggle with.

The chopper blood running through its veins is further evident in its 5″ handle, where a strong comfortable grip is prioritised over reduced length. With an index finger notch and flared ends all filling up the hand and a scoop taken out of the spine that acts as a thumb ramp, effortless retention is the Hotspur’s Game. No three finger grips here, in fact if anything it boasts a four and a half finger grip. This gives a little extra room for larger/gloved hands, while the beaked pommel can also slip into the gap between your fingers to anchor the knife to the hand in even the most extreme rearwards one finger grips, allowing for chopping utility far beyond other knives of similar size. The annealed, tapered tang is sandwiched by two thick rosewood or buffalo horn scales and terminates at the rear with a combination skull crusher/lanyard hole to give this small knife a little bit of extra destructive capability.

The Hotspur is a tough little knife with a big heart and a lot to prove. If you’re looking for a small knife made for cutting up cheese and apples for a picnic, buy an opinel. If you’re looking for a small knife made for cutting up apple trees to make into picnic tables, maybe you should buy the Hotspur.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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