A large but well balanced and practical khukuri that is capable of hard chopping and machete work. The modern guard and full tang keeps you safe and secure.


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Designer: Mandip Rasaili
Blade: 20″
Handle: 6″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 6mm
Total Weight: 1025g

Giddha (gee-DHA): The nepali name for Vulture.

Mandip has always had a keen eye for pleasing profiles and efficient geometry- something very evident in this focused, clean and very capable blade of his.
Setting out Mandip wanted to make a blade with modern styling and fill some gaps that we have in our catalogue. He started with the concept of a large, broad bowie before settling on his own take on something he loves making- large khukuris. Starting with a moderately large sirupate as a base he chose to ramp up the cutting performance by widening the blade and giving the Giddha a full height grind that can bite very deeply. A gently dropped point profile provides for a tough tip that can withstand careless swings while not burdening the front of the blade too heavily- somewhat reminiscent of a kopis. Rather than incorporating fullering and complex metal sculpting to improve cutting performance he’s instead chosen to include a gentle amount of hollow forging above the belly. This feature is pulled from our fort william mk1- a blade whose performance he greatly admires.  3 engraved lines help to add visual flair and tie to tradition without overwhelming the subtlely curved profile. A stepped choil is a nod to his roots as a smith of khukuris- this is what all our khukuris look like before the cho is cut in. The 6mm spine thickness is enough to give durability and a solid feeling in hand without compromising it’s elite grind geometry. The taper is kept subtle to help ensure decent rigidity along its length. To control the balance the handle is built very sturdily- with plate metal bolsters front and rear as well as a full tang construction that should be able to stand up to very hard use. The front bolster features a small guard to help keep the hand located while the handle itself features a simplified khukuri handle shape that’s welcoming to all sorts of hands. Due to the length of the blade and the broad belly, Mandip thinks that a western leather/kydex sheath is the best match for this model.

The end result is a blade has a very solid, powerful feel in hand without being ungainly. It’s an extremely effective chopping blade- able to fell saplings in a single blow, make short work of green branches and also take massive chomps out of whatever logs you put in front of it. The length offers tip speed that allows the blade to deal light brush, though the weight of the blade demands focus and control during such slashes. Slow and steady is key- stopping and starting the blade quickly can be physically demanding. It’s tough construction and leverage makes it a great blade for batoning. While it can be pushed into prying and digging at this length it’s capable of exerting a lot of force and potentially damaging itself as a result. Make sure not to isolate the tip- recruit the belly and closer parts of the blade. If the object you’re prying isn’t budging and the blade itself is flexing- take this as a sign.  If the blade does end up bending, our differential hardening means you should be able to reverse the process and bend it right back. Aside from being a very capable outdoors blade it’s also a lot of fun to swing. While this makes it a great “Lawn Sword” it also gives it a distinct appeal for martial artists looking for a hefty high performance hacking blade that can stand up to rough use and still provide a dangerous tip.

The Nepali name Giddha (vulture) seems a great fit. The broad, swooping curves of the profile conjure up the birds wingspan while the tough and scrappy nature of the bird matches the blades more rugged aspects.  All in all it’s a pretty unique blade- not quite a khukuri, not quite a kopis, not quite a machete. It offers a very engaging mixture of high performance, beatability and fun that fills a great gap in our lineup.
It’s a fantastic first design to have from Mandip and hopefully a sign of things to come.


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