Cursive EDC

This small rugged lightweight fixed blade edc has an all metal forged construction slim profile & tough geometry. A strong & beautiful edc/bushcraft/neck knife.

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Blade: 3.5″
Handle: 4″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 5mm
Total Weight: 120g

An EDC blade has a whole unique set of challenges it needs to overcome.
Being used day in, day out for such a wide range of tasks, it not only has to be an extremely comfortable, versatile and efficient tool but it also has to be able to reflect the personality of the owner. The Cursive EDC is our attempt at just such a blade.

So often amongst nepalese khukuri houses you see managers trying to make their blacksmiths work like machines. Not only in physically pushing them so hard, but also in trying to have them replicate the results and processes of mass manufacture. It’s tremendously inefficient and never quite works out. Blacksmithing has its own processes and knives should be designed directly with them in mind and this approach is what the flowing form of the Cursive is built from. It has a gorgeous 4 inch drop point blade with just the right amount of straight edge and belly for maximum utility. The blade is 4mm thick and tapers along it’s entire length for reduced weight, better stress dispersion and maximum cutting efficiency. The handle is simply a part of the blade which has been stretched into an extended tang, which the blacksmiths have laboriously forged into a gradual taper. This is then hammered into a curve freehand to form the shape of the handle from which this knife gets its name.
From here we offer a range of different material choices and wraps so that the customer can dial in the look to match them perfectly while also adding another layer of comfort and grip or they can go abre to truly show off the hand forged form.

The Cursive EDC is a beautiful, affordable and capable addition to your knife collection while also having the functionality and durability to stake out a permanent place in your EDC arsenal. High cutting performance, refined design executed by highly skilled traditional Blacksmiths, this is the kind of knife that Kailash blades is all about.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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