This sirupate khukuri is popular with modern gurkhas & martial artists due to fast handling & a sharp stabbing tip. It has sword variants that include a guard.

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Chitlanges are an interesting style of khukuri. A subset of particularly ornamental sirupate that was originally intended for trade with india, the form developed a reputation for its beauty, swiftness and cutting performance that saw it broadly absorbed back into Nepal’s blade culture and into the international spotlight in the hands of many modern gurkhas.

Identifying features of this khukuri style are a gorgeous main fuller and straighter blade style with less tip drop to reduce weight for a more lively feel. The bevel is also steeper than many modern sirupate which allows for outstanding cutting performance. It features a rather straight, slender handle that allows for fine angling, rotation and adjustment. If you’re looking for a more sculpted and locked in handle feel you’re welcome to request our Standard Handle Style in the order notes. Ornamentation is extremely prominent on these blades. with carving on the handle/buttcap, a highly refined “feather” alongside the spine featuring brass inlay and a distinctive closed cho which is punched clean through by the Blacksmith with a sledgehammer and may provide structural benefit compared to the standard open variety.
One final thing which sets this knife apart from others is its sheath, which features a central ridge, giving it a striking, triangular cross section and an aesthetic unlike any other khukuri. All of this ornamentation serves to display the pride and skill of the Craftsman, which is highly evident on this absolutely gorgeous blade.

In recent years these blades have been increasingly seen in the hands of gurkhas as replacements to the substandard modern service issues. The speed, reach and increased point capability from a blade like this gives them a serious edge over many historical khukuris in the modern field of battle. This particular style of chitlange that we’ve gone with is a regional variant from Limbuwan and is even more slender and severe towards the tip with dramatic fullering to heighten it’s offensive capabilities. A khukuri in this style was perhaps most notable wielded by the renowned gurkha Kailash Limbu.

In response to continued demand from martial artists and customers coming across from a background in european swords there’s a few unique options we have for this blade, one of which being a standard option for a bent sheet metal guard. For those who are looking to trade out some traditional styling for some extra retention and security in hand, particularly given the extra tip capability of this pattern it could be a great option to look into. Secondly, while many of our blades come in multiple lengths while retaining the same general utility and styling, the chitlange really thrives in different roles as it becomes larger, going from a lithe combat knife all the way up to a full length sword.

Combat Knife / Light Camp Knife:
12″: 8mm spine at bolster, 380gm
14″”: (optimal, standard length) 8mm spine at bolster, 430g

Shortsword / Knifechete:
16″: 8mm spine at bolster, 510gm
18″: 8mm spine at bolster, 580gm
21″: 8mm spine at bolster, 680gm

Hand-and-a-Half Sword:
24″ 8mm spine at bolster, 850gm

All weights given are for the default options for that blade length.
A guard will add approx 80g to blades under 21″ and approx 200g for 21″+ blades as these are cast in solid metal.
The addition of a full tang or guard will impact the feel and handling of these blades. A blade with either (or both) of these options will have a more agile and controllable blade but also lose a bit of striking power. This is less welcome on shorter blades and more welcome on larger blades. We consider a guardless blade to have optimal feel in hand for blades of 16″ and under, 18″ to be a borderline case, then with guards being optimal for lengths 21″ and over. We consider a rat tail tang to provide optimal feel for all blade lengths, particularly under 16″ or for XL handles. A full tang can be borderline on a guardless 18″ or a guarded 21″.

Through the skill of our smiths and the virtue of the slender pattern, our chitlange is the lightest and fastest khukuri that we offer for any given blade length. It would make an incredible martial arts/combat blade, unique military collector’s piece or a great light outdoors blade that excels at clearing thin and flexible brush while still being up for light chopping and wood processing. If you’re looking for a light and fast khukuri that’s a bit more rugged and hard working, look into our Sirupate. However if you’re looking for a beautiful, high performance khukuri with a distinct character, the Chitlange Khukuri is hard to go past. A beautiful piece of sculpted steel and a tool to respect, cherish and fear.

Before Purchase, please read through our Options Info page as well as Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on all the different options and grind types we offer and how they affect the level of warranty you’ll receive.

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12", 14", 16", 18", 21", 24"

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