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A unique take on the Sirupate format coming out of the village of Chitlang just outside kathmandu, this style of khukuri is designed with a long blade for higher tip speed and a slightly steeper primary bevel that continues all the way to the handle to allow for a fully usuable edge with less cutting resistance. This gives the knife the edge over other khukuris when cutting through light brush while still retaining excellent chopping ability.

The other identifying features of this style of khukuri are its deep, gorgeous main fuller and rat tail tang which both helps to reduce weight for a more lively feel and ease of extended use without sacrificing durability and its high degree of ornamentation. These khukuris feature a closed cho which is punched clean through by the Blacksmith with a sledgehammer, cross hatched engraving on the front bolster and around the finger ring and a highly refined “feather” alongside the spine featuing brass inlay.

One final thing which sets this knife apart from others is its sheath, which features a central ridge, giving it a striking, triangular cross section and an aesthetic unlike any other khukuri. All of this ornamentation serves to display the pride and skill of the Craftsman, which is highly evident on this absolutely gorgeous blade.

12″: 6.5mm spine at bolster, 430gm
14″”: 6.5mm spine at bolster, 530g
16″: (optimal, standard length) 6mm spine at bolster, 480gm
18″: 6mm spine at bolster, 540gm
21″: 6mm spine at bolster, 620gm
24″ 6mm spine at bolster, (primarily ceremonial) 730gm
All blade lengths come with a 5.5″ handle, apart from the 21″ and 24″ which have a 7″ handle.
A beautiful, high performance khukuri with a distinct character, the Chitlange Khukuri is not only a beautiful piece of sculpted steel but a tool and a weapon to respect, cherish and fear.

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