This affordable little knife takes the style and construction of a traditional nepalese khukuri & applies it to a small, lightweight bushcraft or edc format.

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Despite their smaller size, our mini khukuris remain some of our most popular blades and understandably so- they are compact, great value and have a deep versatility for those who push the blades into unknown scenarios. In fact, one of our most common custom enquiries is for an even smaller khukuri than 5″- something that is more suited for finer EDC tasks like slicing fruit or opening packages and outdoors tasks like carving and skinning while retaining the toughness khukuris are known for. Other customers wanted something that could be more easily carried in the pocket or that complies with local knife laws that limit EDC knives to a certain length. The Bhura was developed in response to these demands.

But making a khukuri smaller than 5″ is a real challenge. To fit both a dropped point, broad cutting belly and recurve carving section into such a small length traditionally leads to a very cramped and intensely curved little blade that suffers both functionally and aesthetically as a result. Our solution is a simple one. We take all that iconic curvature of a khukuri blade and allow it to flow into the handle of the knife. This allows the belly to relax and open up, creating a more beautiful and smooth blade that has , ornamentation and form factor as a khukuri. The broad cutting belly and dropped point remain while carving duty is relegated to a small flat section directly in front of the bolster. Finally these bhura utilise a new handle design that is optimised for allowing the most compact, functional fit possible for a specific hand size. Our normal size guide still applies but it is optimised for a snug bare handed grip, with palm pressed against pommel flare and index on bolster. With this in mind consider sizing up if you are a borderline measurement, particularly if you have meaty hands or plan to use gloves. Please note that due to limited sheath area salyani sheaths will feature stitched leather highlights and a dap ridge rather than patuka buttons. Both dap styles will also feature a leather snap around the handle to ensure adequate retention and a stable carry.

As our new smallest traditionally styled blade we named it the Bhura- The nepali word for a baby fish. Not only does this fit the small size and streamlined shape of the blade it also helps to create a family connection between this infant blade, the teenage minis and the full grown khukuris in the 11″ and up range.

In the years since it’s release the bhura has proven to be a very popular knife, even outside of our initital plans for such a blade. We’ve had a lot of enquiries from people who like the traditionally styled, non recurved blade but wished it was a little bigger and more capable for larger hunting and camping tasks. Seemed like a nice idea and a gap in our lineup so we’ve gone ahead and released a 6 inch bhura- more of a teenage fish than a baby fish. As the blade has been stretched out it benefits from a larger and gentler belly for superior surface work, a wider straight carving section near the bolster and a significantly less stubby tip that’s a bit better for fine work and ease of penetration. The ricasso has also been increased in thickness slightly  to give a little more insurance in the rowdier work that this knife will be likely to see but the blade remains lightweight, lean and slicey.

3.5″: 4mm thick at bolster, 160g with medium rosewood handle.
6″: 4.5mm thick at bolster, 240g with medium rosewood handle.

The bhura is a blade that’s simple but refined and with a wide range of potential uses. From a companion knife while hunting or fishing through to an urban EDC blade with a lot of charm the Bhura is all set to be a little workhorse. So whether it’s the first step in a future family of khukuris in your collection or a way for you to get the style of blade you love into your hand more often, the Bhura will serve, impress and maybe just surprise you.

Before Purchase, please read through our section on Warranty and Factory Seconds for information on the different grind types, tang options and how they affect the level of warranty we offer.

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