This small, beautiful traditional nepalese leatherworking & carving knife is similar to an ulu or head knife & is used to make our sheaths & makes a great gift.

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Blade: 3.5″
Handle: 4″
Spine Thickness at Bolster: 5mm
Total Weight: 260g

Remiscent of the inuit Ulu or perhaps the klingon Bat’leth, this unassuming utility knife is hugely popular across the entirety of nepal, where it is used for skinning animals, food and vegetable prep and most notably as the perfect tool to finely chop a gentleman’s freshly picked wild Ganja before he packs it into his chillum.

One place this knife can always be found is in the hands of a Sarki or traditional leather sheath maker, who uses this tool for everything from chisel-work hollowing out the cavities in the wooden blocks, to cleanly slicing the thick leather used for the belt loops, where the rounded rosewood handle allows the Sarki to put his whole body weight into the cut and the highly curved edge allows him to rock the blade across material acting like a handheld guillotine.

At home in the kitchen, your back pocket or even just sitting in your knife collection, this wonderful little knife is a gorgeous and uniquely functional piece of nepalese culture. A Craftsman’s tool, made by the Craftsman himself.

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